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All our rugs are made using a tufting gun and high quality fabrics and materials. Each design is individually designed and drawn by our in house illustrator.

You are able to request any colour change on any rugs we have available. If you don't like the colours on a certain rug but like the design, then simply message us and we can custom make the rug for you!

Each rug is handmade from start to finish which allows us to vigorously quality check each rug to ensure your product is the best quality it can be.

We also take custom commissions. Any design, any size, any colour, we can make it come to life! We can also work directly from a photo you have and our in house illustrator will design the photograph into a design that we can tuft a rug from.

For all rugs from photo commissions, we will also add FREE A3 print of the illustration we have created.

Worldwide shipping available on all orders!

Thank you,

Laine Rugs

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